We are CITE' | Architecture, Planning & Design Group

The firm was started by Mr. Jahangir Khan in 1989 upon, his return from the USA as an Architectural and City & Regional Planning Consultancy after receiving his professional degrees in Architecture and later a professional Masters degree in City & Regional Planning at the Illinois Institute of Technology at Chicago, in the Modernist Tradition of the Work) Masters Mies Van der Rohe and Hilbersiemer.

Experience prior to setting-up the firm includes work on award winning projects in Chicago (USA), the last one of which was the Multi-Million dollar budget American Airlines Terminal Interior at Chicago O’Hare USA for Ellerbe Becket USA In 1988-89, where he was one of the two person design team that designed the extension and renovations plus Interior project comprehensively. Other works included Business, Industrial, Commercial, and Software Parks for various developers throughout the USA while at Wilson & Jenkins, Itasca Illinois.
The firm has evolved into a full service Architectural, Town Planning, Corporate & Commercial Interiors Consultancy with its Head Office in Islamabad and associate offices in Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi.

In mid 1999 Mr. Ali Umar Alvie an architectural graduate from the Arizona state University joined the firm as Partner in Islamabad, bringing to the firm architectural experience while at Whyat Rhodes & associates at Phoenix, Arizona and later in various firms in Islamabad Pakistan.